Blawan Waterfall at Bondowoso: Sulfuric Yellow Waterfall

Blawan Waterfall at Bondowoso

It is necessary to take things slow and not rushing everything in life. Give your heart a break from pushing the pace so hard. The endless work, cranky boss, annoying co-workers, air pollution, and traffic jam are the example of daily stressor that you find every single day. These stressors will always haunt you and can be harmful if you take high dosage of it. To maintain the great state, you have to be physically and mentally well-rested. Reward your hard work with pleasure vacation. Indonesia has many destinations to explore. East Java is now up on the hill of tourisms. Blawan waterfall at Bondowosois one of the beautiful places you should go to refresh your mind. If you want to learn more about traveling, hotels, and destinations, visit this website for useful information.

Blawan waterfall at Bondowoso offers you magnificent painting. Huge amount of water debit is falling to kiss the ground. Blawen waterfall serves you remarkable view with its 30 metres height of waterfall. Stiff cliffs are surrounding the majestic waterfall and creates priceless masterpiece. Blawan waterfall has yellowish water due to its sulfuric component. The drips of Ijen Crater flow down through Kali Putih and unite with water from Banyuapit River. This marriage of water then creates splendid heavy waterfall. Are you interested in learning more about adventure travel? Visit this website for useful information.

Water from Blawan waterfall is not like other waterfall-sourced water. This water does not create small rivers but falling free to the core of the earth instead. This water still flows via underground until it reaches Asembagus, Situbondo. In Situbondo, the water comes up again and shows its face on the surface. The flow is continuing and ends up in Java Sea. To reach Blawan waterfall, you need to prepare your muscle because it is not going to easy. From the centre of Bondowoso City, you can take the local bus to drive you to Sempol. After you are arrived In Sempol, you need to continue your journey by motorcycle taxi or it called by ojek here. On your way to Blawan waterfall site, you will be blown away by its gorgeous view of tea and coffee beans farm. Let the fresh air flies your hair and touches your skin. As you are arrived in Blawan waterfall site, you need to go to ticketing window and buy Rp5.000 tickets to enter the site. Come to the gate and start your journey. You will be challenged to tackle the terrain. It is not a piece of cake especially if you are not wanderlust that kind of person. However, it will give you memorable and daring experience. You will be amazed by its luxurious green canyon as you pass the route. You may need to go ups and downs, take the stairs, and some trekking. The louder rumbling waterfall sound is, the closer you get to the treasure. Singing birds will also welcome you as you make smaller distance to the waterfall. Cave full of stalagmites accompany you towards the grand waterfall.

Blawan waterfall at Bondowososerves you outstanding scenery and daring experience. Besides its huge waterfall, there are also other fantastic destinations placed near the waterfall. There are GuaKapur, DamarWulan hot spring, and KalisatJampit strawberry farms. Learn more about adventure, tours, hotels & Restaurants, travel, and leisure by clicking here: