Do Laughing Cause Death In An Individual? Here Is The Answer


Humans express their happiness through their smile or by laughing. But, the strange fact is that laughing might lead to death. The extreme level of happiness might lead to death which is due to the hormone problem and some other casual causes. The disease which causes death of an individual due to laughing is called the Kuru disease. The Kuru disease is a kind of disease which represents the word “to shake”. The disease is named as the Kuru disease due to the reason that it shakes the body. The shaking of the body is due to the tremors which are considered to be the classic symptom of the disease. Get more details about health care on this dedicated website:

The disease is very common among the varied areas of Papua New Guinea and the people living there is the first area to be affected with the particular disease. The disease is highly transmitting from one person to another. Apart from the various diseases available, the laughing disease is considered to be the strangest disease. If the person gets affected with this disease, then he might have to face some of the symptoms which would really be more deadly. Apart from the major diseases, the disease is considered to be the strangest among all the things.

The stages of the laughing disease might be of more stages which include the incubation period and the clinical stage. During the incubation period, the people who had been affected with this disease would have to be diagnosed. It is a non curable disease for which still no medicine had been sort out. At the starting stage, the pain on the legs and the normal headache would accompany the person for a prolonged period of time. If you are interested in learning more about hormonal issues and its precautions, visit this website to get detailed information. 

The stages of this disease might include the three stages namely as follows:

  • First stage or ambulant stage
  • Second stage or sedentary stage
  • Third stage or terminal stage

Apart from the three stages, the disease had to be diagnosed and treated well to avoid extreme symptoms. If the people wish to know more about these diseases, then search on for this disease to know the real effects and treatment. By having a healthy body and sound mind, one can even conquer the world. But, one should be very conscious of their health factor. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Are you more curious about maintaining your healthcare? Take a look at this website for useful information.