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Do people turn away or hide their faces when you talk to them? They must feel really shy around you or your awesomeness is just too much for them to take, right? Come on, who are you kidding? Have you ever considered that maybe they just can’t stand it when you talk, because each word you utter lets out a trail of foul odours? That’s right, you could have bad breath and it’s about time you do something about it. Click here to read in depth articles regarding maintaining your health.If you can’t smell anything bad yourself, try asking close family or friends who won’t hesitate to give it to you straight. But if you’re too embarrassed to ask, try a self-check. One method is to lick the back of your wrist then take a whiff. Another is to floss then sniff the used thread. If you can smell like there’s some blood or something offensive, then you know the state of your breath.What are the causes?Once you verify you have halitosis, it’s now time to identify the culprits behind your mouth’s foulness.Bad Habits – skipping dentist appointments, not brushing after every meal, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and not taking good care of your oral health.Diet – eating highly acidic food or those with strong odours (garlic, onions, and spices), taking too much coffee, and going on an extreme diet or fasting.Health Problems – internal medical conditions (liver disease, respiratory tract infections, diabetes, chronic bronchitis), oral problems (gum disease, cracked fillings, unclean dentures, food particles trapped on tonsils), acid reflux, postnasal drip, and chronic dry mouth. Are you interested to learn more about bad breath and their treatment? Visit this website for useful information.What can you do?There are several solutions, depending on the cause of your bad breath.Go to Your Dentist – this should be your first step because dentists are the experts on oral problems and their causes. These specialists can check if you have any conditions that are causing your halitosis. If they see that your teeth, gums, tongue, and throat are okay, they can assess what the other possibilities could be.Practise Proper Oral Hygiene – brushing, gargling, and flossing should be habits you follow diligently. If you can’t brush after every meal, bring an antiseptic or anti-bacterial mouth wash in your bag for a quick swish, drink a lot of water to quickly wash out leftover food particles, and chew on gum made of 100% xylitol 20 minutes after eating to help with saliva flow. Also, don’t rely on breath mints alone as they will give only a temporary fix but won’t remove any bad bacteria. Make Lifestyle Changes – switch to green or herbal tea instead of coffee or simply cut back on your caffeine intake, stay hydrated, quit smoking, eat a balanced diet and have regular meals, swap those crisps for carrot sticks, apples, and celery, and avoid drinking alcohol excessively.If you want to stop unleashing your foul wrath every time you open your mouth, take action against bad breath now. Click here for further details.