Dog Care: Behavior Training Tips


All pet dog owners try hard to train their pet animal to behave well and be obedient. To instill the obedience skills in your pet dog, it is important you have train your dog well. The following training tips will greatly help you:

Begin the training early: Behavior training should begin as soon as you bring the pet dog in your home. It is easy to train and teach the behavior lesson to a puppy than an older dog who has been living as a stray animal for a considerable period. However, since dogs are naturally blessed with immense grasping power, even the grownup dogs tend to learn quickly if trained in the right manner. Make sure you start the training as early as possible so that it become easier for both you and your pet to establish a good rapport at home. If you are more curious about your pet’s health and food, take a look at this website for useful information.

Be the leader: Dogs are naturally pack animals and they have the innate ability to respond better to the leader of the pack. It is therefore vital that you establish yourself as the leader upfront even before you begin the training session. If the dog senses you to be a weak person all your commands would go in vain. During behavior training it should be very clear to the dog that you are the leader and what you expect from the dog.

Follow a fixed routine: This is one of the most important yet ignored aspects of behavior training for pets. While you are conducting behavior training for your pet, make sure that you conduct your training sessions at fixed time of the day every day. For instance, if you conduct the training session before lunch, the dog will anticipate it and it would feel motivated to respond and perform well.

Keep it short and simple: While training dogs to behave and be obedient it is important that you keep your sessions short. Dogs have only a short attention span and they are also tend to feel bored and tired soon. Therefore, even the fun activities like chasing the ball or catching the Frisbee must be done only for a short period. Each obedience training activity should not be done for than 10 minutes. If the training sessions are longer, the dog will lose its interest and all your efforts would not yield any positive result. Are you interested in learning more about your pet’s activities? Visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Avoid punishing your pet: This is another important factor to consider for effective pet behavior training. You must never punish your pet dog if he is not behaving or responding to your commands. Punishments such as yelling or hitting will only make the dog feel stress, scared and it may even trigger violent reaction. Punishment would only further discourage to obey your commands. It is therefore essential that you reward your dog for all its simple activities and good behavior. This would not make the dog feel motivated and soon you would notice that your pet is responding well even to all your commands.

Be Patient: Patience is the most important virtue for dog training. While teaching a dog or a puppy a new command it is important that you be patient and consistent with your efforts. Even though some dogs take time to learn new things it would all worth your efforts once the dog masters the command. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about pet health care, food, and other accessories.