The 5 Main Reasons Businesses Are Starting A Dubai Offshore Company

businesses are starting a Dubai offshore company

A city that has expanded considerably over the past couple of decades, Dubai is a great place to live and work. With year round sunshine, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to grow. Companies flock to Dubai every year because of many reasons. If you want to learn more about business management and finances, visit this dedicated website for useful information. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent factors that explain why a considerable number of companies relocate to Dubai:

Tax haven

A 0% rate of Corporation Tax applies in Dubai. Many countries around the world expect companies to pay a high rate of Corporation Tax. As profits increase, so too does the amount of Corporation Tax which a business is liable for. Some tax havens do charge offshore companies Corporation Tax but Dubai is an exception. With a Dubai offshore company, nothing has to be paid in Corporation Tax.

Personal income

One of the many benefits of working at a Dubai offshore company is how much tax is applied to personal income. As already discussed, Corporation Tax doesn’t have to be paid and nor does income tax on a salary. When a large salary is earned in Dubai, no tax will be deducted. In other countries, a 50% rate of tax has to be paid by very high earners. This doesn’t happen in Dubai; dividends aren’t taxed either. Many directors prefer to be paid through a dividend and not salary because less tax is deducted. However, no tax has to be paid at all on dividends.


There is a strong workforce in Dubai which specialise in various industries. Dubai has a healthy construction industry and many highly skilled people might be looking for work. The same also applies with IT professionals. Even if they are currently employed, a Dubai offshore company can cherry pick who they want to have in their workforce. Many people relocate to Dubai to find a better way of life. It is similar to the American Dream because people come to Dubai to make a name for themselves and this is what they achieve. Consequently, an offshore company can be inundated with job applications from highly skilled candidates. If you want to know more about offshore companies, visit this dedicated website for useful information.


Unlike what has happened with other tax havens, the information about offshore companies in Dubai cannot be shared. This is because the Dubai government hasn’t agreed to reveal information about directors or shareholders. When a director wants to be involved in a business but not have their details on a register, they should join an offshore company. Dubai’s approach to offshore companies also makes it very attractive for investors. If a considerable sum of money is required but an investor doesn’t want their capital to be known by the general public, they should do so with an offshore company that is in Dubai. A company could discover that they receive more investment than they expected because of Dubai’s privacy laws regarding offshore companies.

Close proximity to emerging nations

A manufacturing company might currently spend a lot of money on importing raw materials and exporting the finished products to such countries as China and India. Compared to Europe, Dubai is closer to these countries. If a company in the UK currently spends a lot of money on shipping goods to China, the exact opposite will happen when it has an offshore site in Dubai. Not only does having an offshore company make good business sense but it also benefits its finances.

Having an offshore company in Dubai continues to be very popular and it is fast becoming the number one way for businesses to increase profits. To get more tips about increasing profit rate in business on this dedicated website: