The Best Dog Breeds for Children

Dog Breeds for Children

Having pets at home when you have children can be a challenge, especially if you do not have much experience with animals and do not know what the best animal would be to settle with the little kids. Dogs are usually a safe and common choice when choosing a pet, so if you want to have some at home and get along with your children should know what the best dog breeds are for children. Another great source of information regarding pet care. Do not forget to check that out

Recommended Dog Breeds for Children

There are dog breeds that are known for their quiet nature in dealing with children is concerned. However, always keep in mind there is an animal and as such should be treated with respect and taught some limits. Similarly, we must educate children on how to properly treat it.

In addition to the races that we are going to describe you can also choose to adopt a dog” without pedigree ‘or mixed race because in most cases it is the education that is given to the animal which causes it to take well with children and not a specific breed.


For a small family, bulldogs can be an excellent choice. While it is not a dog with lots of energy, has the strength to deal with children’s games. In addition, the gentle nature of this breed makes it an ideal place to teach your children how to raise a pet candidate.


Lassie is the best representative of this breed of dog, which became known around the world for the popular series. But outside of their roles on television, this breed is known for its preference for the pack, so you can be sure that will take care of your small children and accompany them everywhere. Learn more about pet health, food, and other accessories on this dedicated website:


Standard Poodles (medium size) are ideal for a household with children; they are intelligent, good-natured and love to play.


A beagle is ideal for children who have lots of energy, in fact, children often tired before they mate; these are dogs that love the game and are foolproof.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are very playful dogs and patients simultaneously. With proper education, you can teach them various tasks to help, so they are recommended for children and adults with special needs.

Irish setter

This breed is characterized by great energy and willingness to play, it is best to have ample space for this dog can spend all his energy. Furthermore, you can read our article on this website to know about pet health and care.