Top 10 PC Games


There have been a lot of PC games now and there has been continuing hype on new PC games at present. However, it’s not because it is new that it means it is the best. Those included in the top 10 PC games in this article are more than 5 years old. The basis for these top 10 PC games of all time includes their popularity, gameplay experience, replay value, and impact on PC gaming. Check out this website for the latest PC games and stay updated with the newest. 

Here are the top 10 best PC games of all time:

10. Heroes of Might and Magic

Advantages: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 has a well-detailed work with a complex, but enjoyable gaming experience. There is also an exciting story with various strategies and units. In addition, it also has excellent sounds.

Disadvantages: There are long multiplayer sessions and there are also issues with imbalances.

9. Half Life 2

This game takes you to a place of aliens who have enslaved humans. As a player, you become the only hope for success by using various strategies to defeat the different types of enemies. The trademark weapons in this game are the gravity gun and the crowbar with additional weapons such as the MP7 and .357 Magnum. At this website , you can find the most recent and up-to-date information regarding PC games.

Advantages: There is diverse gameplay, a good atmosphere, a great storyline, and great designs and graphics. It has the highest average in the game rankings with a percentage of 95.44%. However, I find other games more interesting.

Disadvantages: The NPCs tend to be boring.

8. Grand Theft Auto 3

This video game is one of the favourites of teens, especially boys. This game includes the modern look of violence and the typical scenario in gangster movies where the player can do almost whatever he likes. The game allows the player to steal cars, drive boats, planes, and helicopters, and even rob other people using a baseball bat. This may be the favorite of teenage boys, but the nightmare of their parents.

Advantages: There is extremely long gameplay, great as well as funny storylines, and characters.

Disadvantages: The game has no real ending and it is considered a modern Antichrist.

7. Fallout

Fallout is a game that brings players into a world of depressing thoughts. The setting, people, and story are sometimes too realistic that players develop strong emotions while playing. This game also requires tough decision-making.

Advantages: There are plenty of characters, the world is huge, and players can perform role-playing ideas that help through real life.

Disadvantages: The story is long which makes it difficult to finish in one sitting.

6. Command and Conquer: Red Alert

Red Alert has been one of the real-time favorites of players. Command and Conquer particularly is one of the best because of the adrenaline rush it gives to players once multiplayer starts.

Advantages: There are great music and sounds in the game, and various and diverse missions, as well as the campaigns, are exciting.

Disadvantages: There are a few strategies to use.

5. World of Warcraft

It is surprising to see world of Warcraft at the 5th spot because several sites and people consider it as their top PC game ever. It falls in the 5th spot because this game is not for people who want to have intense and real-life scenarios. Plus, it has no end that makes players have a hard time having satisfaction with the game. However, it takes the top 5 spots because there are also a lot of users, which may make it interesting for some.

Advantages: There are also a lot of choices in the game.

Disadvantages: It requires a monthly fee and the game doesn’t end.

4. Diablo

Diablo is also another satisfying game as you try to kill monsters in a million ways. This game is a good stress reliever.

Advantages: Diablo has infinite items, an exciting world, and various monsters to kill.

Disadvantages: The game may have poor graphics.

3. Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is a unique PC game that involves hundreds of stories and you won’t fail to experience emotions that are felt in real life. There is an amazing storyline that you will never forget.

Advantages: EPIC gaming experience

Disadvantage: Those who want epic gaming may not be able to enjoy this.

2. Master of Orion II

This game brings you a scenario of space-strategy gaming. This game has captured the hearts of many gamers and until now, there are still people who play it online.

Advantages: The game has the best tech tree that has ever been created. There are also great battle animations and various strategies to use.

Disadvantages: There may be bad displays for some users.

1. The SIMS

The SIMS is the single most successful video game in history. Over 10 million people had this game all over the world, which is the highest for that matter. It has also the most expansions. The SIMS is a virtual reality game that allows gamers to pick their character and manage the life of these virtual characters. While playing Sims, your character becomes whom you want it to be. The everyday challenges of life can be faced.

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Advantages: There are hundreds and thousands of options to choose from concerning items, situations, and lifestyle choices.

Disadvantages: Girls love it more and boys usually get bored over time.

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